I never actually wrote resume before, because I have never looked for full-time job. For all my life the job has always found me. But anyway here is my short introduction, not only as the programmer...

I would like to be involved into some large project (preferable for new development, not for maintaining legacy code), don’t mind of good full time job and ready to relocate somewhere in USA, if required.

I'm both Web and Windows developer. Windows developer since 1995, web developer since 1998. I'm expert in Delphi (Object Pascal), C++, 16 and 32-bit Assembly language, Perl, PHP and JavaScript. And have an experience using a lot of libraries and frameworks for mentioned languages. Also I'm currently beginner in NodeJS and React. I'm learning quickly, so in few years I plan to consider myself as an expert in Node and React too.

Also I have some experience in C# and Java, but did not create nothing serious with these languages.

Plus, of course, I can create mobile applications (both iOS and Android) using Delphi (as well as develop web applications in Delphi). But mobile development is not my primary focus.

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Document date: June 9, 2020